One-to-One Sessions

Pilates is best experienced on a one-to-one, so it can be tailored to individuals needs, focusing on fulfilling the correct movements and maintaining posture. It is the most productive format of pilates, allowing the maximum benefit. Experiencing Pilates one-to-one means the session is made specific for the client

£30-£50 per hour (dependent on location)

Group Booking

The Group sessions involve basic mat pilates, focusing on improving strength, endurance and flexibility. The session is tailored to the groups needs, with a variation of pilates movements. Booking a block of group sessions will then enhance and increase the groups pilates ability further with each session

£60 (max. 5 people)

 Session Blocks

  • 5 Session £250

  • 10 Session £500 

(For any other blocks of session plans, please email to arrange a tailored plan)

Further Information

For further information on any classes, please contact me at 07717770019, or at