A little bit about me!

My name is Rachel, and my love of fitness

began at the age of 18 when I realised a quick

run around the village in the morning would

set me up for the day!

I am a 44 year old mum of two and have

previously been a gym instructor, personal

trainer and Rosemary Conley Franchisee.

Being aware of the pressures put on the body

through pregnancy I have gotten myself, and others, back into shape after having children. 

Having been a long distance runner and cyclist both recreationally and with clubs, I found that Pilates really improved my running and cycling style as my core was more stable and I could perform more efficiently. I noticed other benefits too - a flatter and sleeker midsection, and a more sculpted and toned body overall.  My posture was visibly better - I actually felt taller!  I have used Pilates for my own personal rehabilitation following major surgery and running/cycling-induced injuries, and truly believe that Pilates can give you that longer, leaner body without adding bulk.

With a career spanning 20+years in the health and fitness industry, I am extremely passionate about what I do and really enjoy working with everyone from complete beginners to seasonal athletes. I pride myself on keeping appraised on all the latest research and education within the industry.

My classes are professional, effective and lots of fun.

I have a very strong work ethic and give my all in everything I do. I truly believe that with a goal and a positive mind, you will make it every time!

My Qualifications
  • Level 3 Mat Pilates, Sports Coach UK

  • Coaching and the Law, Focus Training

  • Exercise to Music, RSA

  • Exercisie to Music, Rosemary Conley

  • Choreography, Diet & Fitness Training, ICS

  • Fitness & Nutrition diploma, Fitclub

  • Aerokidz/Aerojam Trainer, WABBA- personal Trainer, Level 2 Gym Instructor 

  • First Aid Qualified & Fully Insured